Pricing examples

I know people are sometimes put off making enquries about commissioning furniture if makers don't display their prices, and there's often something uncomfortable about saying 'thanks, but no thanks' after receiving a quote. I get both sides, but I'd rather be upfront and transparent. If it means I'll lose a potential customer whose budget doesn't match my price or be undercut because someone says they can do it cheaper, well, I get that too. I charge fairly and realistically, and would prefer to make things than not make things, but also make things sustainably.

I no longer work out of my back yard, I run a workshop.

It costs a fortune to keep it stocked with biscuits and green tea, y'know! 

Below, you'll find some typical prices for some of the work I've carried out. 

I will stress that since July 1st 2021, timber costs have gone crazy but I'll try to hold the prices down as much as possible.

Shoe rack with drawers.jpg

12 cell Shoe rack with drawers

This shoe rack typically starts at £300 and can be customised to meet your requirements. I can add more width or height, increasing the amount of storage, or alter the number of drawers to fit your needs. The finish can be tailored to your scheme - painted or wax stained, the choice is yours! 

Office desk.jpg

Office desk with two drawers

This office desk is approx 140cm x 80cm and typically starts at £225. It has a chunky top constructed from joined 8" x 2" lengths of redwood pine, with powdered steel effect legs made from wood (these are quite deceptive as they are mistaken for wood but cost a fraction of the price of metal) 

As ever, this can be tailored to fit your requirements. 

Shoe store and seat.jpg

Shoe storage with seat

This shoe storage bench typically starts at £230 and can be customised to your design. The particular bench was finished  in Stiffkey blue with a medium waxed reclaimed wood top.